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  • Kerry Auer Fergus

Introducing our new partnership with TheoryWorks!

From Score to Stage is excited to announce our new partnership with TheoryWorks! Founded by NYC voice teacher and actor Amy Marie Stewart, TheoryWorks provides interactive online courses and tutoring in music theory for Broadway actors.

Here at From Score to Stage, we believe that the score is an invaluable resource to the working actor. Through analysis of score, scene, and song, From Score to Stage aims to translate what we read on the page to what is eventually seen onstage - to provide a musical framework through which the story as a whole can be understood. In the process of analysis, it's important to have a working knowledge of music theory, so to provide more background on the concepts discussed here, keep an eye out for new TheoryWorks sidebars scattered throughout future blog posts.

Looking forward to our new collaboration ahead!

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