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From Score to Stage:

         A note from the author

The purpose of this site is to translate what we read on the page to what is eventually seen onstage - to provide a musical framework through which the story as a whole can be understood.  I truly believe that the score can and should be used to enrich performance and thus I hope that this site can be valuable to you, the performer.

About the Site

“Content dictates form.”  This is the oft-repeated mantra of veteran theatre composer, Stephen Sondheim.  Content dictates form.  So then isn’t it a natural extension of this policy that we should study the...

A Note on Musical Analysis

Musical analysis is a subjective discipline.  If you hand a piece of music to five different musicians, you may end up with five different interpretations.  And that's okay!  The beauty of musical analysis is that...

Kerry Auer Fergus earned a Bachelor’s of Music in vocal performance from St. Olaf College in 2013.  After graduating with honors from St. Olaf, Kerry continued her studies at the Savannah...

About the Author